Beachy's Pharmacy

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Photo Gallery

 We are one of over 2,500 Health Mart Pharmacies

Sign   The Beachy's Pharmacy sign overlooking Main Street in Grantsville

Prescription Area    Underneath the 'Prescriptions' sign is the Pharmacy area where your prescriptions are filled.

Consultation    We have a consultation area for private consultations with our pharmacist.

Diabetes    We have a large in-store supply of diabetic supplies and a waiting area for your convenience.

Checkout    Our check out area is located to the left of the Pharmacy area.


Window    A closer view of the 'Pharmacy' stained glass window.

Hitching Post    The hitching fence is available for our Amish customers. The sign was designed and painted by Dee Speicher.

The Beachy's Pharmacy Family    

(L to R) Bob Shumaker, maintenance: Bill Mackay, R.Ph.; Gerry Beachy, R.Ph. co-owner; Amy Wilburn, clerk; Sean Beachy, Pharm. Tech.; Tammy Broadwater, Pharm. Tech.; Jenny Knauff, RN; Sue Beachy, manager, co-owner