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Order a modern drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

Stendra is a modern drug for the treatment of male genital diseases. It is based on avanafil, a selective PDE5 inhibitor.

Avanafil was developed by the American company Vivus Inc., which specializes in drugs for the treatment of obesity, sleep problems and problems with sexual function. In 2012, avanafil received approval from the FDA, and in 2013 from the EMA. At the same time, the drug was launched on the European and Australian markets. Today Stendra can be bought in our pharmacy.

How does Stendra work?

The onset of an erection begins with arousal at the periphery of the central nervous system and the male genital organs. The signal is transmitted by nerve cells to the penis, in the endothelial cells of which nitric oxide is released.  As a result of chemical and physiological chains, an erection occurs.

While erectile dysfunction, the level of PDE-5, an enzyme that interferes with the normal production of nitric oxide, increases significantly.  Stendra blocks the enzyme and has a mild effect on the erection process.  It is noteworthy that the effect of the Stendra occurs only in the case of natural sexual stimulating factors.

The main advantage of avanafil over other drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction (sildenafil, tadalafil and vardenafil) is the speed of action. Two-thirds of the participants in the test of this drug reported the effect within the first 15 minutes after taking the drug.

How to use Stendra?

Stendra is available in the pill form: 100 mg and 200 mg dose. The drug should be taken 15-30 minutes before the intended sexual intercourse depends on required dosage. At the same time, you should not take Stendra with alcohol, nicotine and fatty food, since it interferes with the normal absorption of the active substance from the gastrointestinal tract.

Before buying Stendra in our pharmacy, you should consult with the attending physician to clarify the best dosage regimen.

What contraindications Stendra has?

Despite its softness, Stendra, like any medicine, has a number of contraindications. So, avanafil drugs are not prescribed for an altered form of the penis, severe cardiovascular pathology, systemic kidney and liver damage, individual intolerance to the drug components, peptic ulcer disease in the acute stage, a tendency to bleeding and other pathologies.

Avanafil should also not be taken with certain medications. The complete list of contraindications and side effects can be found in the official instructions for the drug.

Stendra is an effective remedy for the treatment of potency problems. In comparison with other drugs for the treatment of sexual dysfunction, the effect of this modern drug occurs almost 2-3 times faster.